Is USQ for me?

Narrator: Hi!

So right now you may be wondering if USQ is for you?

Well for starters don’t think you need to fit some sort of student stereotype.

Mary: It had an enormous variety of students, so it didn’t matter whether you were straight from school, mature age, or somewhere in between – you managed to find more people like you and it also lead to some pretty interesting friendships cause you had that diversity in the student body.

Jordan:I came to University straight from school.

Jackie: I can go to work and not have to worry about going to uni.

Tania: I actually finished school at grade 10.

Ashleigh: In both sides of my family I am the first one to go.

Lauren: I have four step children and I also have a six and four year old little girls, then Wednesdays and Thursdays I work full days here, so it’s very busy.

Narrator: We understand we’re all unique, so we have designed programs to fit in with your lifestyle.
We have three great campuses you can come to and we also offer distance education and online programs.

Full-time, part-time, from the couch, in your work lunch break or a combination.

And with three semesters you can spread the workload so you can still have a life.

You chose how you study.

In fact, the flexibility at USQ allows 75% of our students to study with us online... so even if you’re feeling life is already busy, you’re not alone.

Clint: I think I have made the best possible decision I could ever make for my career and my life, in fact I sit here and think why didn’t I do this years ago, why did I wait til now?

Narrator: And you’ll never be alone… As soon as you enrol at USQ, you’re paired with your very own Student Relationship Officer or SRO for short. They’re there to help with anything you need.

Kiteesha: This is my SRO, Heather – she is my saviour.

Margie: We support students, everyone is different. We get to know them quite well, so we know pretty much what they are asking before they even ask.

Narrator: Even if you’re not sure you can get into uni, we can provide you with advice on how to get into your program of choice, whether it be an undergraduate, postgraduate or even doctorate program.

Narrator: Give us a call to discuss your eligibility and programs to get you back into the study frame of mind, together we’ll work out the best pathway for you.

Peter: I consider myself really lucky, I sort of fell on my feet when I came here. It’s just brilliant.

Lexi: I really love going to university – and I can’t believe it took me three years after high school to decide to go. I was a bit nervous about starting, but after the first week, I was in love with it. And now I’m third year and I don’t even, I don’t want to graduate cause I’m having too much fun.

Narrator: So all you need to do is relax, smile and talk to us about how to make studying a reality!