Small business

CourseOn-campusDistance education
Enrolment requirements
Fraser Coast

Select four of the following courses (subject to enrolment requirements):

     MGT2002 Managing OrganisationsS3  S2  S2  S2 , S6 , S3    OE
     LAW3104 Management Law   S1   Pre-requisite: LAW1101 OE
     MGT3004 Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship   S2 , S6    OE
     MKT3006 Small and Medium Enterprise Development (SMED)S2  S2  S2  S2 , S6   Pre-requisite: MKT1001 OE
     MKT3002 Business Strategy in a Global Environment  S1  S1 , S3    OE

OEBefore enrolling in this course students must check that they have satisfied the 'Recommended prior study' or 'Other enrolment' requirements set out in the Other requisites section of the course specification.