Courses offered in semester 3/summer semester 2015

ACC1101 Accounting for Decision-Making--
ACC1102 Financial Accounting--
ACC2115 Company Accounting--
ACC5502 Accounting and Financial Management--
ANT1001 Introductory Anthropology--
BIO1203 Human Anatomy and Physiology--
CDS1000 Introduction to Community Welfare and Development--
CIS1000 Information Systems Concepts--
CIS1101 Business Online--
CIS2000 Systems Analysis and Design--
CIS2002 Database Design and Implementation--
CIS3009 Enterprise Systems in Practice--
CIV1500 Applied Mechanics--
CIV1501 Engineering Statics--
CMS1000 Communication and Scholarship--
CSC1402 Foundation Computing--
ECO1000 Economics--
ECO5000 Economics for Managers--
EDC1100 Lifespan Development and Learning--
EDC1300 Perspectives in Education-
EDC2200 Indigenous Perspectives--
EDC2300 Assessment and Reporting--
EDC2400 Diversity and Pedagogy-
EDO2104 Families and Society--
EDO3211 Teaching in Global Contexts--
EDR8000 Foundations of Contemporary Educational Research Methods--
EDR8001 Effective and Ethical Educational Research--
EDU5112 Transforming Learning with ICT--
EDU5321 Educating Students with Special Needs--
EDU5703 Engaging Curriculum and Pedagogy--
EDU5713 Assessment Principles and Practices--
EDU8314 Human Resource Strategies for Innovation--
EDU8319 Marketing Your Educational Organisation--
EDU8712 Contemporary Approaches to Alternative Education--
EDX1170 Foundations of Language and Literacies--
EDX1250 The Arts Curriculum and Pedagogy--
EDX1450 HPE Curriculum and Pedagogy--
EDX2190 Australian History and Geography: Curriculum and Pedagogy--
EDX2260 Teaching Science for Understanding--
EDX3160 Science Curriculum and Pedagogy--
EDX3280 Mathematics Curriculum and Pedagogy--
ELE1801 Electrical Technology--
ENG2002 Technology, Sustainability and Society--
ENG2102 Engineering Problem Solving and Analysis--
ENL1000 Introduction to Literature--
ENM1500 Introductory Engineering Mathematics--
FIN1101 Introduction to Corporate Finance--
FIN1103 Financial Markets--
FIN5003 Decision Support Tools--
GIS1402 Geographic Information Systems--
LAW1101 Introduction to Law--
LAW1122 Legal Conflict Resolution--
LAW1124 Civil Obligations C (Torts)--
LAW2106 Law of Business Organisations--
LAW3130 Revenue Law and Practice--
LAW3312 Ethics for Lawyers--
LAW5122 Advanced Legal Conflict Resolution--
LAW5124 Advanced Civil Obligations C (Torts)--
LAW5201 Commercial Law--
LAW5206 Corporations Law--
LAW5230 Taxation Law--
LAW5312 Advanced Ethics for Lawyers--
LIN5000 The Nature of Language--
LIN8007 Language and Literacy Assessment--
MEC1201 Engineering Materials--
MGT1000 Organisational Behaviour--
MGT2002 Managing Organisations--
MGT2204 Business Ethics and Governance--
MGT3001 Global Management--
MGT3201 Organisational Administration--
MGT5000 Managing Organisational Behaviour--
MGT8002 Strategic Management--
MGT8022 Project-Based Management--
MGT8034 Strategic Management of Human Resources and Innovation--
MGT8039 Strategic Leadership--
MKT1001 Introduction to Marketing--
MKT2001 Promotion Management--
MKT3002 Business Strategy in a Global Environment--
MKT5000 Marketing Management--
PSY1010 Foundation Psychology A--
PSY1030 Cross-Cultural and Indigenous Psychology--
PSY3101 Career Assessment and Development--
STA2300 Data Analysis--
VSA1000 Introduction to Art Theory--
WIN3304 Viticultural and Winemaking Practice 2--