Courses offered in Creative Arts 2014

CWR4001 Advanced Creative WritingS1--
MEA1000 Elements of Multimedia--S1
MEA1002 Creative EditingS1--
MEA1003 Audio ProductionS1--
MEA1004 Cinematic Language--S2
MEA2000 Scriptwriting-S1S1
MEA2001 Location Sound and Image--S2
MEA2004 AnimationS2--
MEA2005 2D and 3D Modelling-S1S1
MEA3001 Digital Art Studio--S2
MUI1003 Turning Points in Western Music--S2
THE1001 Introduction to History and Theory of Drama 1S1--
THE1002 Introduction to History and Theory of Drama 2S2--
VSA1000 Introduction to Art TheoryS1, S3--
VSA1003 Soft ArchitectureS2-S2
VSA2000 Perspectives in Contemporary ArtS1-S1
VSA2001 Artists, Works and ProcessesS2-S2
VSA3021 Contemporary Art Theory 1S1-S1
VSA3022 Contemporary Art Theory 2S2-S2