Courses offered in Information Systems 2014

CIS1000 Information Systems ConceptsS1, S2, S3--
CIS1101 Business OnlineS2, S3--
CIS2000 Systems Analysis and DesignS1, S3--
CIS2002 Database Design and ImplementationS1, S3--
CIS2003 Component Based Software DevelopmentS2--
CIS2005 Principles of Information SecurityS2--
CIS3001 Object-Oriented Programming with JavaS1--
CIS3002 Business AnalysisS1--
CIS3003 Networks and Distributed SystemsS1--
CIS3007 Enterprise Solutions ProjectS2--
CIS3008 Information Technology Service ManagementS1--
CIS3009 Enterprise Systems in PracticeS2, S3--
CIS3010 Oracle DevelopmentS2--
CIS3011 Information Systems ProjectS2--
CIS8000 Global Information Systems StrategyS1, S2--
CIS8004 Enterprise Planning and ImplementationS1--
CIS8008 Business IntelligenceS1--
CIS8009 Enterprise Digital InfrastructureS1--
CIS8010 Information Systems Project ManagementS2--
CIS8011 Digital InnovationS2, S3--
CIS8018 Strategic Information SecurityS2--
CIS8100 Digital EnterpriseS1, S3--