Courses offered in Law 2014

LAW1101 Introduction to LawS1, S2, S3--
LAW1201 Legal Process and ResearchS1, S2--
LAW1202 Law in ContextS2--
LAW2104 Business and Consumer LawS1--
LAW2106 Law of Business OrganisationsS2, S3--
LAW2107 Environmental LawS2--
LAW2201 Contract AS1--
LAW2202 Contract BS2--
LAW2203 Torts AS1--
LAW2204 Torts BS2--
LAW2205 Criminal Law AS1--
LAW2206 Legal Conflict ResolutionS1--
LAW2207 Company LawS1--
LAW2301 e-LawS1--
LAW3110 Insolvency and Restructuring LawS2--
LAW3130 Revenue Law and PracticeS1, S2, S3--
LAW3131 Revenue Law and Practice IIS2--
LAW3201 Constitutional Law AS1--
LAW3202 Administrative LawS2--
LAW3203 Property Law AS1--
LAW3204 Property Law BS2--
LAW3205 EquityS1--
LAW3206 TrustsS2--
LAW3208 EvidenceS1--
LAW3209 ProcedureS2--
LAW3210 Theories of LawS1--
LAW3211 Legal Professional Practice and EthicsS1--
LAW3404 Banking, Finance and Insurance LawS2--
LAW3405 Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination LawS1--
LAW3421 Family LawS2--
LAW3422 Succession LawS3--
LAW3423 Criminal Law BS2--
LAW3424 Land ContractsS1--
LAW3461 Constitutional Law BS2--
LAW3464 International Trade LawS1--
LAW4401 Capstone ProjectS2--
LAW5201 Commercial LawS1, S2, S3S1-
LAW5206 Corporations LawS2, S3S2-
LAW5230 Taxation LawS1, S2, S3--
LAW5501 Advanced Legal Process and ResearchS1, S2--
LAW5502 Advanced Law in ContextS2--
LAW5601 Advanced Contract AS1--
LAW5602 Advanced Contract BS2--
LAW5603 Advanced Torts AS1--
LAW5604 Advanced Torts BS2--
LAW5605 Advanced Criminal Law AS1--
LAW5606 Advanced Criminal Law BS2--
LAW5607 Advanced Company LawS1--
LAW5701 Advanced Constitutional Law AS1--
LAW5702 Advanced Administrative LawS2--
LAW5703 Advanced Property Law AS1--
LAW5704 Advanced Property Law BS2--
LAW5705 Advanced EquityS1--
LAW5706 Advanced TrustsS2--
LAW5708 Advanced EvidenceS1--
LAW5709 Advanced ProcedureS2--
LAW5711 Advanced Legal Professional Practice and EthicsS1--
LAW5712 Advanced Constitutional Law BS2--
LAW5713 Advanced Capstone ProjectS2--
LAW8074 Project Legal IssuesS2--