Courses offered in Education 2014

EDC1100 Lifespan Development and Learning-S1, S3S1
EDC1200 Self, Education and Society-S1, S3S1
EDC1300 Perspectives in Education-S2, S3S2, S3
EDC2100 Managing Supportive Learning Environments-S1S1
EDC2200 Indigenous Perspectives-S2, S3S2, S3
EDC2300 Assessment and Reporting-S2, S3S2
EDC2400 Diversity and Pedagogy-S1, S3S1, S3
EDE2201 Development and Learning: Birth - 8-S2S2
EDE3009 Professional Practices in Early Childhood-S2S2
EDE3103 Play and Pedagogy II-S1S1
EDE4010 Leadership and Management in Early Childhood-S2S2
EDE4012 Cross-cultural Communication in Early Childhood-S1S1
EDH1150 Sociocultural Foundations of Sport and Physical Activity-S1S1
EDH2253 Biophysical Foundations of Sport and Physical Activity-S2-
EDH3257 Advanced Curriculum Studies in Health and Physical Education-S2S2
EDH3258 Humans in Movement-S2S2
EDO2104 Families and Society-S2, S3-
EDO3112 Middle Years 2-S1, S2-
EDO3211 Teaching in Global Contexts-S2-
EDO3341 Teaching in Rural and Remote Communities-S2S2
EDO3377 Teaching the National Curriculum : English-S1-
EDO3471 Multiliteracies: Understanding Texts-S2S2
EDO3472 Reading the Visual in Children's Literature-S1-
EDO3475 Music in Arts Education--S2
EDO3561 Teaching the National Curriculum: Science-S2S2
EDO3682 Higher Order Thinking: Maths P-7-S2S2
EDO4675 Research Approaches for Contemporary Educators-S1, S2-
EDP4140 Second Language Learning and Pedagogy-S1S1
EDS4250 Literacies Across the Curriculum-S2S2
EDU5010 Politics and Pedagogy in Early Childhood-S2-
EDU5112 Transforming Learning with ICT-S1, S3-
EDU5221 Professional Learning-S2-
EDU5321 Educating Students with Special Needs-S1, S3-
EDU5322 Behaviour Management and Support-S1-
EDU5335 Emotional and Behavioural Problems of Children and Adolescents-S2-
EDU5601 Designing for Flexible Learning Environments-S1-
EDU5702 Exploring Learning and Teaching in Higher Education Contexts-S2, S3-
EDU5703 Engaging Curriculum and Pedagogy-S3-
EDU5713 Assessment Principles and Practices-S1, S3-
EDU5760 Professional Study-S2-
EDU8011 Professional Culture, Dynamics and Change in Early Childhood Education-S2-
EDU8111 Emerging Environments for Learning-S3-
EDU8114 Online Pedagogy in Practice-S1-
EDU8117 Networked and Global Learning-S2-
EDU8317 Individual Assessment and Testing-S1-
EDU8324 Learning Difficulties: Reading-S2-
EDU8326 Learning Difficulties: Mathematics-S1-
EDU8328 Consultation and Communication: Theory and Practice-S2-
EDU8331 Career Development in Educational Settings-S2-
EDU8332 Introduction to Counselling in Educational Contexts-S1-
EDU8406 Theories for Learning Futures-S2-
EDU8601 Advanced Studies in Professional Practice-S1-
EDU8606 Lifelong Career Development-S1-
EDU8719 Contemporary Issues Conference-S2-
EDV3500 Competency Based Training and Assessment-S2-
EDV3551 Vocational and Workplace Literacies-S1-
EDV4500 Professional Studies Project-S1, S2, S3-
EDX1170 Foundations of Language and Literacies-S1, S3S1
EDX1250 The Arts Curriculum and Pedagogy-S3S1
EDX1280 Foundations of Numeracy-S1, S2S2
EDX1450 HPE Curriculum and Pedagogy-S2, S3S2
EDX2170 English Curriculum and Pedagogy-S1, S2S1, S2
EDX2190 Australian History and Society: Curriculum and Pedagogy-S1, S3S1, S3
EDX2260 Teaching Science for Understanding-S1, S3S1
EDX3160 Science Curriculum and Pedagogy-S2, S3S2
EDX3250 Adolescence: Issues and Challenges-S1, S2S2
EDX3270 Literacies Education-S1, S2S1
EDX3280 Mathematics Curriculum and Pedagogy-S1, S3S1
EDX4150 Transitions in Secondary Education-S1S1
LIN5000 The Nature of Language-S1, S3-
LIN8001 Principles of Second Language Learning-S1, S2S1
LIN8002 Methodology in Teaching a Second Language-S2S2
LIN8006 Computer-Assisted Language Learning-S1, S2S2
LIN8007 Language Testing-S1, S3-
LIN8015 Introduction to Sociolinguistics-S2S2
LIN8017 Bilingualism and Bilingual Education-S2S2
SPE3002 Autism Spectrum Disorder-S2S2
SPE3003 Teaching Students with High Support Needs-S1-
SPE3004 Social and Emotional Wellbeing and Learning-S2S2
SPE3005 Managing Challenging Behaviours-S1S1
SPE3006 Language and Communication Disorders-S1-
SPE3007 Differentiated Curriculum-S2S2
SPE3008 Communication and Collaboration-S2S2
SPE3009 Learning Difficulties - Literacy and Numeracy-S1S1