Courses offered in Engineering and Surveying - General 2014

ENG1002 Introduction to Engineering and Spatial Science ApplicationsS2--
ENG1100 Introduction to Engineering DesignS1, S2--
ENG1101 Introduction to Engineering Problem SolvingS1, S2--
ENG2002 Technology, Sustainability and SocietyS2, S3--
ENG2102 Engineering Problem Solving and AnalysisS2--
ENG3003 Engineering ManagementS3--
ENG3103 Engineering Problem Solving ComputationsS2--
ENG4004 Engineering Project and Operations ManagementS2--
ENG4104 Engineering Problem Solving SimulationsS2--
ENG5001 Professional Skills in EngineeringS2--
ENG8001 Masters Dissertation A-S1, S2-
ENG8101 Technological Impact and its ManagementS1--
ENG8103 Management of Technological RiskS2--
ENG8205 Technology Management PracticeS2--
ENG8206 Whole of Life Facilities ManagementS2--
ENG8207 Technological Innovation and DevelopmentS2--
ENG8801 Code-Based Structural Design-S1-
ENG8802 Advanced Prestressed Concrete-S2-
ENG8803 Mechanics and Technology of Fibre Composites-S1-
ENG8804 Advanced Design Practice using Finite Element Analysis-S2-