Courses offered in Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering 2014

MEC1201 Engineering MaterialsS1, S2--
MEC1501 Introduction to Process EngineeringS2--
MEC2106 Introduction to Thermo-FluidsS2--
MEC2301 Design of Machine ElementsS2--
MEC2304 Solid ModellingS2--
MEC2401 Dynamics IS2--
MEC2402 Stress AnalysisS1--
MEC2501 Process Engineering SystemsS2--
MEC3102 Fluid MechanicsS1--
MEC3204 Production EngineeringS2--
MEC3302 Computational Mechanics in DesignS1--
MEC3303 System DesignS2--
MEC3403 Dynamics IIS2--
MEC4103 Heat TransferS1--
MEC4406 Robotics and Machine VisionS2--