Courses offered in Electrical, Electronic and Computing Engineering 2014

ELE1502 Electronic CircuitsS2--
ELE1801 Electrical TechnologyS2--
ELE2101 Control and InstrumentationS2--
ELE2103 Linear Systems and ControlS2--
ELE2501 Electronic Workshop and ProductionS2--
ELE2503 Electronic SystemsS2--
ELE2504 Electronic Design and AnalysisS2--
ELE2601 Telecommunications PrinciplesS1--
ELE2704 Electricity Supply SystemsS2--
ELE3107 Signal ProcessingS2--
ELE3307 Real Time SystemsS2--
ELE3506 Electronic MeasurementS2--
ELE3805 Power Electronics Principles and ApplicationsS2--
ELE4109 Measurement Science and Instrument EngineeringS1--
ELE4402 Software Engineering Project ManagementS2--
ELE4605 Fields and WavesS1--
ELE4606 Communication SystemsS2--