Courses offered in Surveying and Land Information 2014

GIS1401 Geographic Data PresentationS2--
GIS3405 Spatial Analysis and ModellingS2--
GIS3406 Remote Sensing and Image ProcessingS2--
GIS3407 GIS Programming and VisualisationS1--
GIS4407 Web Based Geographic Information SystemS2--
SVY1104 Survey Computations AS2--
SVY1110 Introduction to Global Positioning SystemS2--
SVY1500 Spatial Science for EngineersS2--
SVY2105 Survey Computations BS2--
SVY2301 Automated Surveying SystemsS1--
SVY2303 Construction SurveyingS2--
SVY3107 Geodetic Surveying BS2--
SVY3200 Land AdministrationS2--
SVY3202 Photogrammetry and Remote SensingS1--
SVY3304 Cadastral SurveyingS2--
SVY4304 Land and Cadastral LawS2--
URP1001 Introduction to Urban and Regional PlanningS1--
URP3201 Sustainable Urban Design and DevelopmentS2--
URP4203 Urban and Regional PlanningS1--