Courses offered in Maths and Computing 2014

CSC1401 Foundation ProgrammingS1, S2--
CSC1402 Foundation ComputingS1, S2, S3--
CSC2401 Algorithms and Data StructuresS2--
CSC2402 Object-Oriented Programming in C++S1--
CSC2404 Operating SystemsS2--
CSC2406 Web TechnologyS2-S2
CSC2407 Introduction to Software EngineeringS2--
CSC2408 Software Development ToolsS2--
CSC3400 Database SystemsS1--
CSC3403 Comparative Programming LanguagesS1--
CSC3407 Network Fundamentals and RoutingS1--
CSC3412 System and Security AdministrationS1-S1
CSC3413 Network Design and AnalysisS2--
CSC3419 XML and the WebS2--
CSC3427 Switching, Wireless and WAN TechnologiesS2--
CSC8407 Wireless and Internet TechnologyS1--
CSC8409 XML and Semantic Web ServicesS2--
CSC8415 Computer Network ProgrammingS2-S2
CSC8416 Advanced Programming in JavaS1--
CSC8419 Cryptography and SecurityS1--
CSC8420 Mobile SystemsS2-S2
MAC1901 Mathematics for TeachersS2--
MAT1000 Mathematics FundamentalsS1--
MAT1001 Business Mathematics Fundamentals--S1
MAT1100 Foundation MathematicsS2--
MAT1101 Discrete Mathematics for ComputingS1--
MAT1102 Algebra and Calculus IS1--
MAT1200 Operations Research 1S2--
MAT2100 Algebra and Calculus IIS2--
MAT2409 High Performance Numerical ComputingS1--
STA2300 Data AnalysisS1, S2, S3--
STA2301 Distribution TheoryS1--
STA2302 Statistical InferenceS2--
STA3300 Experimental DesignS1--
STA3301 Statistical ModelsS2--