Courses offered in Nursing and Midwifery 2014

ANP5001 Introduction to Rural and Remote Nursing PracticeS1--
ANP5002 Immunisation NursingS2--
ANP5003 Emergency CareS1--
ANP5004 Emergency Mental Health and Reproductive Health CareS2--
ANP8001 Cultural Awareness and SafetyS2--
ANP8003 Management in Health Care PracticeS1--
HSC8050 Research Methodology for the Human SciencesS1--
MHN5120 Advanced Mental Health Nursing 1S1--
MHN5130 Counselling and Group WorkS2--
MHN5160 Advanced Mental Health Nursing 2S1--
MHN5170 Healing and TherapeuticsS2--
NUR2300 Research Methods for NursingS1, S2--
NUR3020 Transition to Professional PracticeS1, S2--
NUR3120 Nurses as Leaders in Health Care SettingsS2--
NUR3650 Advanced Health AssessmentS2--
NUR8040 Qualitative Research MethodsS1--
NUR8060 Health Policy Analysis and ReviewS2--
NUR8340 The Law and Health Care PracticeS1, S2--
NUR8510 The Reflective Practitioner and TheoristS1, S3--
NUR8550 Professional Studies 1S1--
NUR8560 Professional Studies 2S2--