Courses offered in Psychology 2014

PSY1010 Foundation Psychology AS1, S3-S1
PSY1020 Foundation Psychology BS2--
PSY1030 Cross-Cultural and Indigenous PsychologyS2, S3--
PSY2010 Social Processes of BehaviourS1--
PSY2020 Motivation and EmotionS1--
PSY2030 Developmental PsychologyS2--
PSY2040 Human Information ProcessingS2--
PSY2100 Research Methods in Psychology AS1--
PSY3010 Assessment of BehaviourS1--
PSY3030 Abnormal PsychologyS1--
PSY3050 Counselling PsychologyS2--
PSY3080 Human FactorsS1--
PSY3101 Career Assessment and DevelopmentS3--
PSY3110 Clinical Health PsychologyS2--
PSY3111 Research Methods in Psychology BS2--
PSY3250 Sport PsychologyS2--
PSY3730 Industrial and Organisational PsychologyS1--
PSY5050 Research Methods for Practitioners--S2
PSY5060 Practice Across the Lifespan--S2
PSY5110 Ethical, Legal and Professional Issues--S1
PSY5140 Comprehensive Psychological Assessment--S1
PSY5145 Intervention Strategies--S1