Courses offered by Faculty of Arts 2014

ANT1000 World Archaeology: An IntroductionS2-S2
ANT1001 Introductory AnthropologyS1, S3--
CDS1000 Introduction to Community Welfare and DevelopmentS1, S3--
CDS1001 Human Relations and CommunicationsS1--
CDS2000 Ethical Issues and Human Rights in the Human ServicesS1--
CDS2001 Sustainability Concepts and IssuesS2--
CDS3001 Assessment and Report Writing in CounsellingS2--
CDS3002 Counselling Theory and PracticeS1--
CMS1000 Communication and ScholarshipS1, S3--
CMS1010 Introduction to Communication StudiesS1--
CMS2017 Australian TelevisionS1--
CMS2019 Global HollywoodS1--
CMS4001 Issues in Professional Communication-S2-
CMS4006 OzFilm: Image and Industry-S1-
CMS8010 Communication Research Methodology-S2-
CWR4001 Advanced Creative WritingS1--
ENL1000 Introduction to LiteratureS1, S3--
ENL1001 Australian StoriesS2--
ENL2002 RomanticismS1--
ENL2003 The Art of StorytellingS2--
ENL3000 Modern LiteratureS2--
ENL3004 The Literary Canon: How to Read Great BooksS2--
ENL4001 Cultural Theory and Popular CultureS2--
ENL4012 Transforming ClassicsS2--
HIS1001 Introduction to Australian HistoryS1--
HIS1003 World History Since 1500CES2--
HIS2000 Contemporary AustraliaS2--
HIS2005 Europe: History of an IdeaS1--
IND1000 Indonesian 1AS1--
IND2000 Indonesian 1BS2--
IND2021 Intermediate Indonesian AS1--
IND2022 Intermediate Indonesian BS2--
IND3001 Advanced Indonesian AS1--
IND3002 Advanced Indonesian BS2--
INR1000 International Relations in a Globalizing EraS1--
INR1001 Global Transitions and Human SecurityS2--
INR2000 Issues in a Globalizing WorldS1--
INR2002 Contemporary Issues in AsiaS2--
INR3000 Australian Foreign RelationsS2--
INR3004 Change in Contemporary ChinaS2--
JRN1000 Journalism PracticeS1--
JRN2000 News ReportingS2--
JRN2002 Radio JournalismS1--
JRN2003 Feature WritingS1--
JRN3001 Online JournalismS2--
KNL1001 Indigenous Cultural IdentityS1--
KNL1002 Torres Strait Islander StudiesS2--
KNL2001 Indigenous Knowledge and Australian HeritageS2--
KNL3001 Indigenous Australian Cultures and CommunitiesS1--
LAC1001 Language Survival Skills-S1-
LAC1002 Language, Peoples and Places-S2-
LAC2001 Language, Culture and Custom-S1-
LAC2002 Language, History and Identity-S2-
LAC3001 Language and the Contemporary World-S1-
MEA1000 Elements of Multimedia--S1
MEA1002 Creative EditingS1--
MEA1003 Audio ProductionS1--
MEA1004 Cinematic Language--S2
MEA2000 Scriptwriting-S1S1
MEA2001 Location Sound and Image--S2
MEA2004 AnimationS2--
MEA2005 2D and 3D Modelling-S1S1
MEA3001 Digital Art Studio--S2
MUI1003 Turning Points in Western Music--S2
PRL1002 Principles and Practice of Public RelationsS1--
PRL1003 Reputation ManagementS2--
PRL2001 Issues and Crisis ManagementS2--
PRL2002 Community Consultation and DevelopmentS1--
PRL2003 Writing for Public RelationsS1--
PRL2004 Issues in Organisational CommunicationS2--
PRL3001 Public Relations Campaign DevelopmentS1--
PRL5002 Strategic Issues and Crisis ManagementS2--
PRL5004 Professional CommunicationS2--
PUB5005 Publishing and Production Management-S1-
PUB5006 Issues in Publishing and Technology-S2-
SOC1000 Approaches to the Social SciencesS1--
SOC1001 Conflict and PeaceS1--
SOC3000 Collaborative Community Problem Solving-S2-
THE1001 Introduction to History and Theory of Drama 1S1--
THE1002 Introduction to History and Theory of Drama 2S2--
VSA1000 Introduction to Art TheoryS1, S3--
VSA1003 Soft ArchitectureS2-S2
VSA2000 Perspectives in Contemporary ArtS1-S1
VSA2001 Artists, Works and ProcessesS2-S2
VSA3021 Contemporary Art Theory 1S1-S1
VSA3022 Contemporary Art Theory 2S2-S2