Courses offered by Faculty of Business and Law 2014

ACC1101 Accounting for Decision-MakingS1, S2, S3--
ACC1102 Financial AccountingS1, S2, S3--
ACC2113 Management Accounting IS1, S2--
ACC2115 Company AccountingS1, S2, S3--
ACC3040 Sustainable BusinessS2--
ACC3101 Accounting Information SystemsS1, S2, S3--
ACC3114 Management Accounting IIS1--
ACC3116 Accounting and SocietyS1, S2, S3--
ACC3118 AuditingS1, S2, S3--
ACC5202 AccountingS1, S2, S3S1, S2-
ACC5213 Cost and Management AccountingS1, S2S2-
ACC5215 Corporate AccountingS1, S2, S3S1, S2-
ACC5216 Accounting TheoryS1, S2, S3S1, S2-
ACC5218 Auditing PracticeS1, S2, S3S1, S2-
ACC5502 Accounting and Financial ManagementS1, S3S1, S3-
ACC7001 Ethics and GovernanceS1, S2--
ACC7002 Strategic Management AccountingS1, S2--
ACC7003 Financial ReportingS1, S2--
CIS1000 Information Systems ConceptsS1, S2, S3--
CIS1101 Business OnlineS2, S3--
CIS2000 Systems Analysis and DesignS1, S3--
CIS2002 Database Design and ImplementationS1, S3--
CIS2003 Component Based Software DevelopmentS2--
CIS2005 Principles of Information SecurityS2--
CIS3001 Object-Oriented Programming with JavaS1--
CIS3002 Business AnalysisS1--
CIS3003 Networks and Distributed SystemsS1--
CIS3007 Enterprise Solutions ProjectS2--
CIS3008 Information Technology Service ManagementS1--
CIS3009 Enterprise Systems in PracticeS2, S3--
CIS3010 Oracle DevelopmentS2--
CIS3011 Information Systems ProjectS2--
CIS8000 Global Information Systems StrategyS1, S2--
CIS8004 Enterprise Planning and ImplementationS1--
CIS8008 Business IntelligenceS1--
CIS8009 Enterprise Digital InfrastructureS1--
CIS8010 Information Systems Project ManagementS2--
CIS8011 Digital InnovationS2, S3--
CIS8018 Strategic Information SecurityS2--
CIS8100 Digital EnterpriseS1, S3--
ECO1000 EconomicsS1, S2, S3--
ECO2000 Macroeconomics for Business and GovernmentS1--
ECO2001 Microeconomics for Business and GovernmentS2--
ECO3002 Economic Policy AnalysisS2--
ECO5000 Economics for ManagersS2, S3S2, S3-
ECO8012 Tools and Techniques for Sustainable DevelopmentS2S2-
ECO8060 Business in the International EconomyS2S2-
FIN1101 Introduction to Corporate FinanceS1, S3--
FIN1103 Financial MarketsS2, S3--
FIN2105 Portfolio ManagementS2--
FIN2106 Personal Financial PlanningS1--
FIN2108 Credit Analysis and Lending ManagementS2--
FIN3101 Finance Theory and ApplicationsS2--
FIN3106 International FinanceS1--
FIN3109 Managing Financial InstitutionsS1--
FIN5000 Financial ManagementS1, S3--
FIN5003 Decision Support ToolsS1, S3S3-
FIN5414 Personal InvestmentsS2--
FIN5415 Superannuation and Retirement PlanningS1--
FIN5416 Insurance and Risk ManagementS2--
FIN8104 International Financial ManagementS2--
LAW1101 Introduction to LawS1, S2, S3--
LAW1201 Legal Process and ResearchS1, S2--
LAW1202 Law in ContextS2--
LAW2104 Business and Consumer LawS1--
LAW2106 Law of Business OrganisationsS2, S3--
LAW2107 Environmental LawS2--
LAW2201 Contract AS1--
LAW2202 Contract BS2--
LAW2203 Torts AS1--
LAW2204 Torts BS2--
LAW2205 Criminal Law AS1--
LAW2206 Legal Conflict ResolutionS1--
LAW2207 Company LawS1--
LAW2301 e-LawS1--
LAW3110 Insolvency and Restructuring LawS2--
LAW3130 Revenue Law and PracticeS1, S2, S3--
LAW3131 Revenue Law and Practice IIS2--
LAW3201 Constitutional Law AS1--
LAW3202 Administrative LawS2--
LAW3203 Property Law AS1--
LAW3204 Property Law BS2--
LAW3205 EquityS1--
LAW3206 TrustsS2--
LAW3208 EvidenceS1--
LAW3209 ProcedureS2--
LAW3210 Theories of LawS1--
LAW3211 Legal Professional Practice and EthicsS1--
LAW3404 Banking, Finance and Insurance LawS2--
LAW3405 Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination LawS1--
LAW3421 Family LawS2--
LAW3422 Succession LawS3--
LAW3423 Criminal Law BS2--
LAW3424 Land ContractsS1--
LAW3461 Constitutional Law BS2--
LAW3464 International Trade LawS1--
LAW4401 Capstone ProjectS2--
LAW5201 Commercial LawS1, S2, S3S1-
LAW5206 Corporations LawS2, S3S2-
LAW5230 Taxation LawS1, S2, S3--
LAW5501 Advanced Legal Process and ResearchS1, S2--
LAW5502 Advanced Law in ContextS2--
LAW5601 Advanced Contract AS1--
LAW5602 Advanced Contract BS2--
LAW5603 Advanced Torts AS1--
LAW5604 Advanced Torts BS2--
LAW5605 Advanced Criminal Law AS1--
LAW5606 Advanced Criminal Law BS2--
LAW5607 Advanced Company LawS1--
LAW5701 Advanced Constitutional Law AS1--
LAW5702 Advanced Administrative LawS2--
LAW5703 Advanced Property Law AS1--
LAW5704 Advanced Property Law BS2--
LAW5705 Advanced EquityS1--
LAW5706 Advanced TrustsS2--
LAW5708 Advanced EvidenceS1--
LAW5709 Advanced ProcedureS2--
LAW5711 Advanced Legal Professional Practice and EthicsS1--
LAW5712 Advanced Constitutional Law BS2--
LAW5713 Advanced Capstone ProjectS2--
LAW8074 Project Legal IssuesS2--
MGT1000 Organisational BehaviourS2, S3--
MGT1001 Foundations of Human Resource ManagementS1--
MGT1200 Business CommunicationS2--
MGT2000 Staffing and RemunerationS1--
MGT2001 Management of Workplace Health and SafetyS1--
MGT2002 Managing OrganisationsS2, S3--
MGT2004 People DevelopmentS2--
MGT2006 Employment RelationsS2--
MGT2007 LeadershipS1--
MGT2008 Managing KnowledgeS1--
MGT2060 International Business Environment and OperationsS2--
MGT2103 Business LogisticsS2--
MGT2104 Supply Chain DesignS1--
MGT2203 Project Management FundamentalsS2--
MGT2204 Business Ethics and GovernanceS1, S3--
MGT3001 Global ManagementS1, S3--
MGT3002 Leading Organisational ChangeS2--
MGT3003 Human Resource Performance ManagementS1, S3--
MGT3004 Creativity, Innovation and EntrepreneurshipS2--
MGT3100 Quality and Performance ManagementS1--
MGT3200 Information ManagementS1--
MGT3201 Organisational AdministrationS2, S3--
MGT5000 Managing Organisational BehaviourS1, S3S1, S3-
MGT7001 Global Strategy and LeadershipS1, S2--
MGT8002 Strategic ManagementS2, S3S2, S3-
MGT8021 Project Sustainability ManagementS1S1-
MGT8022 Project-Based ManagementS1, S3S1, S3-
MGT8024 Project Quality, Risk and Procurement ManagementS2S2-
MGT8025 Project Scope, Time and Cost ManagementS1S1-
MGT8027 Project Human Resources, Communications and Integration ManagementS2, S3S2-
MGT8028 Project Tendering and ContractingS1--
MGT8030 Performance Management and People DevelopmentS1S1-
MGT8031 Global Issues in Employment RelationsS2S2-
MGT8032 International ManagementS1--
MGT8033 Leading Organisational ChangeS2S2-
MGT8034 Strategic Management of Human Resources and InnovationS3S3-
MGT8037 Team LeadershipS2S2-
MGT8038 Leadership DevelopmentS1S1-
MGT8039 Strategic LeadershipS3S3-
MGT8040 Entrepreneurship, Innovation and CreativityS2S2-
MGT8070 Property DevelopmentS1--
MGT8072 Property Ownership ManagementS2--
MKT1001 Introduction to MarketingS1, S2, S3--
MKT1002 Consumer BehaviourS1, S2--
MKT2001 Promotion ManagementS1, S3--
MKT2002 Global MarketingS1--
MKT2004 Marketing ChannelsS2--
MKT2012 Services MarketingS2--
MKT2020 Sports MarketingS2--
MKT3001 Applied Business ResearchS1--
MKT3002 Business Strategy in a Global EnvironmentS1, S3--
MKT3006 Small and Medium Enterprise DevelopmentS2--
MKT3007 Marketing StrategyS2--
MKT5000 Marketing ManagementS2, S3S2, S3-
MKT8001 Buyer BehaviourS1S1-
MKT8002 International MarketingS1S1-
MKT8003 Services Marketing ManagementS2S2-
MKT8009 Integrated Marketing CommunicationS2S2-
POL1000 Government, Business and SocietyS1, S2--
POL2000 Political and Economic IdeasS1--
POL2001 Politics and International BusinessS2--
POL3013 Sustainability and PoliticsS1--
TOU1003 Tourism ManagementS1--
TOU2008 EcotourismS1--
TOU2009 Cultural TourismS2--
TOU3010 Event ManagementS2--