Courses offered by Faculty of Engineering and Surveying 2014

AGR2301 Agricultural ScienceS2--
AGR2302 Agricultural MachineryS1--
AGR3303 Agricultural Materials and Post-Harvest TechnologiesS1--
AGR3304 Soil ScienceS1--
AGR3305 Precision and Smart Technologies in AgricultureS1--
AGR4305 Agricultural Soil MechanicsS1--
CIV1501 Engineering StaticsS2, S3--
CIV2403 Geology and GeomechanicsS2--
CIV2502 Structural and Building TechnologyS2--
CIV2503 Structural Design IS2--
CIV2701 Road Design and LocationS1--
CIV2702 Municipal ServicesS2--
CIV3403 Geotechnical EngineeringS2--
CIV3506 Concrete StructuresS1--
CIV3603 Construction MethodsS2--
CIV3703 Transport EngineeringS2--
CIV5704 Road and Street EngineeringS2--
CMG1001 Introduction to Construction Management and the Built EnvironmentS2--
CMG2001 Job OrganisationS2--
CMG3001 Building and Construction ProcurementS2--
ELE1502 Electronic CircuitsS2--
ELE1801 Electrical TechnologyS2--
ELE2101 Control and InstrumentationS2--
ELE2103 Linear Systems and ControlS2--
ELE2501 Electronic Workshop and ProductionS2--
ELE2503 Electronic SystemsS2--
ELE2504 Electronic Design and AnalysisS2--
ELE2601 Telecommunications PrinciplesS1--
ELE2704 Electricity Supply SystemsS2--
ELE3107 Signal ProcessingS2--
ELE3307 Real Time SystemsS2--
ELE3506 Electronic MeasurementS2--
ELE3805 Power Electronics Principles and ApplicationsS2--
ELE4109 Measurement Science and Instrument EngineeringS1--
ELE4402 Software Engineering Project ManagementS2--
ELE4605 Fields and WavesS1--
ELE4606 Communication SystemsS2--
ENG1002 Introduction to Engineering and Spatial Science ApplicationsS2--
ENG1100 Introduction to Engineering DesignS1, S2--
ENG1101 Introduction to Engineering Problem SolvingS1, S2--
ENG2002 Technology, Sustainability and SocietyS2, S3--
ENG2102 Engineering Problem Solving and AnalysisS2--
ENG3003 Engineering ManagementS3--
ENG3103 Engineering Problem Solving ComputationsS2--
ENG4004 Engineering Project and Operations ManagementS2--
ENG4104 Engineering Problem Solving SimulationsS2--
ENG5001 Professional Skills in EngineeringS2--
ENG8001 Masters Dissertation A-S1, S2-
ENG8101 Technological Impact and its ManagementS1--
ENG8103 Management of Technological RiskS2--
ENG8111 Project Requirements ManagementS2--
ENG8205 Technology Management PracticeS2--
ENG8206 Whole of Life Facilities ManagementS2--
ENG8207 Technological Innovation and DevelopmentS2--
ENG8801 Code-Based Structural Design-S1-
ENG8802 Advanced Prestressed Concrete-S2-
ENG8803 Mechanics and Technology of Fibre Composites-S1-
ENG8804 Advanced Design Practice using Finite Element Analysis-S2-
ENV2103 Hydraulics IS1--
ENV3104 Hydraulics IIS1--
ENV3105 HydrologyS2--
ENV4106 Irrigation ScienceS2--
ENV4107 Water Resources EngineeringS2--
ENV4203 Public Health EngineeringS2--
ENV5205 Solid and Liquid Waste TreatmentS1--
GIS1401 Geographic Data PresentationS2--
GIS3405 Spatial Analysis and ModellingS2--
GIS3406 Remote Sensing and Image ProcessingS2--
GIS3407 GIS Programming and VisualisationS1--
GIS4407 Web Based Geographic Information SystemS2--
MEC1201 Engineering MaterialsS1, S2--
MEC1501 Introduction to Process EngineeringS2--
MEC2106 Introduction to Thermo-FluidsS2--
MEC2301 Design of Machine ElementsS2--
MEC2304 Solid ModellingS2--
MEC2401 Dynamics IS2--
MEC2402 Stress AnalysisS1--
MEC2501 Process Engineering SystemsS2--
MEC3102 Fluid MechanicsS1--
MEC3204 Production EngineeringS2--
MEC3302 Computational Mechanics in DesignS1--
MEC3303 System DesignS2--
MEC3403 Dynamics IIS2--
MEC4103 Heat TransferS1--
MEC4406 Robotics and Machine VisionS2--
SVY1104 Survey Computations AS2--
SVY1110 Introduction to Global Positioning SystemS2--
SVY1500 Spatial Science for EngineersS2--
SVY2105 Survey Computations BS2--
SVY2301 Automated Surveying SystemsS1--
SVY2303 Construction SurveyingS2--
SVY3107 Geodetic Surveying BS2--
SVY3200 Land AdministrationS2--
SVY3202 Photogrammetry and Remote SensingS1--
SVY3304 Cadastral SurveyingS2--
SVY4304 Land and Cadastral LawS2--
URP1001 Introduction to Urban and Regional PlanningS1--
URP3201 Sustainable Urban Design and DevelopmentS2--
URP4203 Urban and Regional PlanningS1--