Courses offered by Faculty of Sciences 2014

ANP5001 Introduction to Rural and Remote Nursing PracticeS1--
ANP5002 Immunisation NursingS2--
ANP5003 Emergency CareS1--
ANP5004 Emergency Mental Health and Reproductive Health CareS2--
ANP8001 Cultural Awareness and SafetyS2--
ANP8003 Management in Health Care PracticeS1--
BIO1101 Biology 1S1--
BIO1103 Pathology StudiesS1--
BIO1104 Medical Microbiology and Immunology 1S1--
BIO1203 Human Anatomy and PhysiologyS2, S3-S2
BIO2103 Biology 2S2--
BIO3620 Physiology and Pathophysiology 1S1--
BIO3630 Physiology and Pathophysiology 2S2--
CHE1110 Chemistry 1S1--
CHE2120 Chemistry 2S2-S2
CLI1110 Weather and ClimateS1--
CLI2201 Climate Change and VariabilityS2--
CLI3301 Climate and Environment Risk AssessmentS1--
CLI3302 Adaptation to Climate ChangeS2--
CLI8204 Global Environmental SystemsS1--
CLI8205 Climate and SustainabilityS2--
CSC1401 Foundation ProgrammingS1, S2--
CSC1402 Foundation ComputingS1, S2, S3--
CSC2401 Algorithms and Data StructuresS2--
CSC2402 Object-Oriented Programming in C++S1--
CSC2404 Operating SystemsS2--
CSC2406 Web TechnologyS2-S2
CSC2407 Introduction to Software EngineeringS2--
CSC2408 Software Development ToolsS2--
CSC3400 Database SystemsS1--
CSC3403 Comparative Programming LanguagesS1--
CSC3407 Network Fundamentals and RoutingS1--
CSC3412 System and Security AdministrationS1-S1
CSC3413 Network Design and AnalysisS2--
CSC3419 XML and the WebS2--
CSC3427 Switching, Wireless and WAN TechnologiesS2--
CSC8407 Wireless and Internet TechnologyS1--
CSC8409 XML and Semantic Web ServicesS2--
CSC8415 Computer Network ProgrammingS2-S2
CSC8416 Advanced Programming in JavaS1--
CSC8419 Cryptography and SecurityS1--
CSC8420 Mobile SystemsS2-S2
HSC8050 Research Methodology for the Human SciencesS1--
MAC1901 Mathematics for TeachersS2--
MAT1000 Mathematics FundamentalsS1--
MAT1001 Business Mathematics Fundamentals--S1
MAT1100 Foundation MathematicsS2--
MAT1101 Discrete Mathematics for ComputingS1--
MAT1102 Algebra and Calculus IS1--
MAT1200 Operations Research 1S2--
MAT2100 Algebra and Calculus IIS2--
MAT2409 High Performance Numerical ComputingS1--
MHN5120 Advanced Mental Health Nursing 1S1--
MHN5130 Counselling and Group WorkS2--
MHN5160 Advanced Mental Health Nursing 2S1--
MHN5170 Healing and TherapeuticsS2--
NUR2300 Research Methods for NursingS1, S2--
NUR3020 Transition to Professional PracticeS1, S2--
NUR3120 Nurses as Leaders in Health Care SettingsS2--
NUR3650 Advanced Health AssessmentS2--
NUR8040 Qualitative Research MethodsS1--
NUR8060 Health Policy Analysis and ReviewS2--
NUR8340 The Law and Health Care PracticeS1, S2--
NUR8510 The Reflective Practitioner and TheoristS1, S3--
NUR8550 Professional Studies 1S1--
NUR8560 Professional Studies 2S2--
PHY1101 Astronomy 1S1--
PHY1104 Physics Concepts 1S1--
PHY1107 Astronomy 2S2--
PHY1911 Physics Concepts 2S2--
PHY2204 Astronomy and AstrophysicsS1--
PHY2206 Medical PhysicsS2--
PSY1010 Foundation Psychology AS1, S3-S1
PSY1020 Foundation Psychology BS2--
PSY1030 Cross-Cultural and Indigenous PsychologyS2, S3--
PSY2010 Social Processes of BehaviourS1--
PSY2020 Motivation and EmotionS1--
PSY2030 Developmental PsychologyS2--
PSY2040 Human Information ProcessingS2--
PSY2100 Research Methods in Psychology AS1--
PSY3010 Assessment of BehaviourS1--
PSY3030 Abnormal PsychologyS1--
PSY3050 Counselling PsychologyS2--
PSY3080 Human FactorsS1--
PSY3101 Career Assessment and DevelopmentS3--
PSY3110 Clinical Health PsychologyS2--
PSY3111 Research Methods in Psychology BS2--
PSY3250 Sport PsychologyS2--
PSY3730 Industrial and Organisational PsychologyS1--
PSY5050 Research Methods for Practitioners--S2
PSY5060 Practice Across the Lifespan--S2
PSY5110 Ethical, Legal and Professional Issues--S1
PSY5140 Comprehensive Psychological Assessment--S1
PSY5145 Intervention Strategies--S1
REN1201 Environmental StudiesS1--
REN2200 Ecology for SustainabilityS1--
REN3301 Biodiversity and ConservationS2--
REN3302 Sustainable Resource UseS2--
REN8101 Environment, Society and SustainabilityS1--
REN8202 Conservation for Sustainable FuturesS2--
SCI1901 Science FundamentalsS2--
STA2300 Data AnalysisS1, S2, S3--
STA2301 Distribution TheoryS1--
STA2302 Statistical InferenceS2--
STA3300 Experimental DesignS1--
STA3301 Statistical ModelsS2--
WIN1101 Grape and Wine ProductionS1--
WIN2102 Wine Composition, Stability and AnalysisS2--
WIN2201 Wine Analysis Practice--S3
WIN2203 Viticultural Practice 1--S1
WIN2204 Wine BiochemistryS2--
WIN2205 Viticultural PrinciplesS2--
WIN2206 Wine MicrobiologyS2--
WIN3301 Sensory AnalysisS1--
WIN3302 Viticultural ProductionS1--
WIN3303 Wine ProductionS1--
WIN3304 Viticultural and Winemaking Practice 2--S3
WIN3306 Sensory Analysis Practice--S1