Course synopses 2014

General Information 2014

This section contains information on each course approved for the University’s teaching program for this year. A course is the smallest component of a program of study for which a separate final grade is awarded. The University reserves the right not to offer any course. If this occurs, students should consult their Faculty on the selection of a substitute course.

All students must ensure that courses selected are appropriate for their level of study and that they have satisfied the pre-requisite, co-requisite and other requisite requirements for each course. Careful reading of the Program Structures and Recommended Enrolment Patterns in the relevant sections of the Handbook ( provide this information. Students should consult their Faculty if in doubt.

Synopses and course specifications included in the introductory course materials are correct at the time of publication. Alternatively, current versions of the synopses and course specifications are available online. .

Legend 2014

The letters in brackets after the Course Title represent the academic group (faculty or department) which runs a course: 
FOART   Faculty of Arts  
FOBUS   Faculty of Business  
FOEDU   Faculty of Education  
FOENS   Faculty of Engineering and Surveying  
FOSCI   Faculty of Sciences  
CAIK  Centre for Australian Indigenous Knowledges (CAIK) 
LTS  Learning and Teaching Services 
OFFRE  Office of Research and Higher Degrees  
The following abbreviations are also used: 
EXT   Available externally  
ONC   Available on-campus  
WEB   Available via the Internet 
Toowoomba   Toowoomba campus 
Springfld  Springfield campus 
Fraser Cst  Fraser Coast campus