Building and Structures

To study this Minor students should have mathematical competencies equivalent to those required to complete the course ENG1500 .

CourseOn-campusDistance education
Enrolment requirements
Fraser Coast
ENG1100 Introduction to Engineering Design> S2  S1 , S2  S1 , S2   
CIV1501 Engineering Statics S2  S2  S2 , S3   Pre-requisite: ENG1500 or MAT1500 or ENM1600 or (ENM1500 and CIV1500) or Students must be enrolled in the following Program: MEPR
CIV2503 Structural Design I S2  S2  S2   Pre-requisite: (ENG1100 and MEC2402) or (ENG1100 and CIV1501 for students enrolled in Program: BETC)

>Students may consider enrolment in an alternative semester however they may experience a timetable clash. Refer to the Course Offerings for details of alternative offer.