Communication and Media Studies

Students are able to enrol in any offered mode of a course (on-campus, external or online), regardless of the program mode of study they enrolled in.

Students should choose four courses from the Communication and Media Studies major, subject to pre-requisite requirements:

CourseOn-campusDistance education
Enrolment requirements
CMS1010 Introduction to Communication StudiesS1  S1  S1   
CMS1012 Introduction to Media StudiesS2  S2  S2   

Choose any two courses from the following:

CMS2017 Television: History, Texts and IndustryS1  S1  S1   
CMS2018 Cultural Industries - Cultural EconomiesS2  S2  S2   
CMS2019 Global HollywoodS1  S1  S1   
CMS2022 Communication and Power S2  S2   
CMS3013 New Media S1  S1   
CMS3001 Global Conflict Communication S2  S2