Language and Culture

Students are able to enrol in any offered mode of a course (on-campus, external or online), regardless of the program mode of study they enrolled in.

Commencing students in the Language and Culture Major must elect to study either the German or Mandarin Chinese streams. They are advised to contact the Faculty of Business, Education, Law and Arts to arrange appropriate enrolment patterns.

CourseOn-campusDistance education
Enrolment requirements
LAC1001 Language Survival Skills S1 , S1   S1  
LAC1002 Language, Peoples and Places S2 , S2   S2  Pre-requisite: LAC1001
LAC2001 Language, Culture and Custom S1 , S1   S1  Pre-requisite: LAC1002
LAC2002 Language, History and Identity S2 , S2   S2  Pre-requisite: LAC2001