Special Education 2014

Students are able to enrol in any offered mode of a course (on-campus, distance education or online), regardless of the program mode of study they enrolled in.

Choose four from the list below

CourseOn-campusDistance education
Enrolment requirements
Fraser Coast
SPE3002 Autism Spectrum Disorder S2  S2   S2  
SPE3003 Teaching Students with High Support Needs    S1  
SPE3004 Social and Emotional Wellbeing and Learning S2  S2   S2  
SPE3005 Managing Challenging BehavioursS1  S1  S1   S1  
SPE3006 Language and Communication Disorders    S1  
SPE3007 Differentiated Curriculum S2  S2   S2  
SPE3008 Communication and Collaboration S2  S2   S2  
SPE3009 Learning Difficulties - Literacy and Numeracy S1  S1   S1