USQ Enterprise Agreement 2010-2013

A full and complete printable version of the USQ Enterprise Agreement 2010-2013 (PDF* 1.5mb) is also available.

Part 1 - Application and Operation of Agreement

1 .   Agreement Title
2. Arrangement
3. Aim of the Agreement
4. Definitions
5. Commencement Date and Period of Operation
6. Application of the Agreement 
7. Awards and Inconsistencies
  7.2  Contracts for Senior Employees
  7.3  Relationship to University Policies, Procedures or Guidelines
8. Flexibility Term
9. Posting of the Agreement
10. Review of the Agreement

Part 2 - Consultation

11 .   Consultative Mechanisms

Part 3 - Job Security

12 .   Job Security

Part 4 - Employment Relationship, Employee Development and Related Arrangements

13. Employment Categories
  13.2  Continuing Employment
  13.3  Fixed Term Employment
  13.4  Casual Employment (Professional Employees)
  13.5  Casual Employment (Academic Employees)
14. Modes of Employment
  14.1  Full-time Employment
  14.2  Fractional Employment
  14.3  Sessional Employment (Residential Colleges, Printery)
  14.4  Term Employees (Professional Employees)
  14.5  Annualised Hours Employment (AHE)
  14.6  48/52 Weeks Per Year Working Arrangements
15. Absence from Duty
16. Union Role, Access and Facilities
17. Teacher Specialisation and Scholarship (Academic Employees)
18. Apprentices and Trainees
19. Indigenous Employment

Part 5 - Performance Management, Recognition and Reward

20. Performance Management System
21. Employee Recognition and Reward
  21.1  Increments
  21.2  Accelerated Incremental Progression
  21.3  Acting in Higher Classified Positions
  21.4  Academic Level A Responsibilities
  21.5  Promotion (Academic Employees)
  21.6  Incentive Allowance
  21.7  Training and Employee Development
  21.8  Study Assistance
  21.9  Academic Development and Outside Studies Program
22. Probation
23. Employee Supervision
24. Disciplinary Action for Unsatisfactory Performance
25. Termination of Probationary Employment

Part 6 - Termination, Change and Redundancy

26. Functional Flexibility
27. Internal Transfers / Secondments
28. Introduction of Organisational Change
29. Voluntary Severance
30. Redundancy
31. Termination of Employment
  31.1  General
  31.2  Notice of Termination by the University
  31.3  Time Off During the Notice Period
  31.4  Notice of Resignation by an Employee
32. Termination of Employment on the Grounds of Ill Health
33. Disciplinary Action
34. Disciplinary Action for Misconduct or Serious Misconduct
35. Misconduct/Serious Misconduct Investigation Committee and Subsequent Action by the Vice-Chancellor

Part 7 - Dispute Resolution and Grievance Procedures

36. Procedures for Disputes Avoidance and Settlement
37. Grievance Procedures

Part 8 - Salaries, Classifications and Related Matters

38. Salaries and Classifications
  38.1  Salary Offer
  38.2  Minimum Salary Rates and Position Classification Standards
   38.3  Apprentices Employed by the University
  38.4  Salary Packaging
  38.5  Superannuation Arrangements
39. Allowances
40. Classification of Professional Employees and Managerial Positions

Part 9 - Work Allocation, Hours of Work, Rest Pauses, Meal Breaks, Overtime, Shiftwork

41. Work Allocation
42. Hours of Work (Professional Employees)
43. Hours of Work (Foundation/Uniprep and/or English Language Teaching Employees)
44. Principles of Academic Employee Availability
45. Rest Pauses and Meal Breaks (Professional Employees)
  45.1  Rest Pauses
  45.2  Meal Breaks
46. Overtime (Professional Employees)
47. Shift Work (Professional Employees)

Part 10 - Leave of Absence

48. Annual Leave
  48.2  Annual Leave (Academic Employees)
  48.3  End of Year Closure
49. Personal Leave
50. Carer's Leave
51. Compassionate Leave
52. Parental Leave
52.4  Maternity Leave
  52.5  Primary Caregiver's Leave
  52.6  Partner Leave
  52.7  Adoption Leave
  52.8  General Conditions Relating to Parental Leave
  52.9  Special Provisions for Exceptional Circumstances
            52.9.1  Maternity Leave
53. Long Service Leave
54. Transfer of Leave Credit
55. Jury Service and Court Attendance
56. Leave of Absence to Attend Camps, Classes or Courses of Instruction of the Reserve Force
57. Trade Union Training Leave
58. Special Leave
59. Effect of Unpaid Leave on Other Entitlements


Schedule A Academic Employee Salaries
Schedule B Casual Academic Salaries
Schedule C Foundation/Uniprep and/or English Language Teaching Employee Salaries
Schedule D Professional Employee Salaries
Schedule E Casual Professional Employee Salaries
Schedule F Allowances

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