19. Indigenous Employment

19.1 There is a commitment to the key objective of increasing the educational, employment, training and career development opportunities for all Indigenous Australians employed at the University. It is recognised and accepted that a suitably supportive and stable working environment for Indigenous Australians is likely to help redress the social injustices, exploitation and socio-economic and employment inequities especially affecting Indigenous Australians. A University Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Employment and Career Development Strategy has been developed to:

  • increase, encourage and develop effective Indigenous Australian employment and participation at all levels of work activity;
  • aim to maximise Indigenous Australian employee development and career opportunities in order to increase Indigenous Australian knowledge, job skills, job satisfaction, job security, income support, economic empowerment, independence and self-sufficiency; and
  • facilitate and encourage the direct involvement of Indigenous employees in determining their own employment and career goals, strategies and ambitions, in accordance with their own aspirations.

19.2 A representative Steering Committee will oversee the implementation and operation of the Career Development and Employment Strategy in accordance with the principles set out in the Indigenous Employment Policy in Human Resources Policies and Procedures. This Policy will not be changed without consultation with employees and the Unions through the Staff Consultative Committee.

19.3 The representative Steering Committee established in accordance with the Indigenous Employment Policy will be chaired by the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Social Justice) and will include representatives from University senior management, the local Indigenous Australian community, academic and professional employees, the Centre for Australian Indigenous Knowledges, Unions, the Human Resources department and the Community Education Advisory Committee for each campus.

19.4 The strategy will include as an objective to increase the levels of Indigenous Australian employment and participation at the University at all levels of work activity and in all organisational units of the University towards appropriate targets having regard to the levels of Indigenous Australian persons in the local community. A specific focus of the Strategy will be to increase Indigenous Australian employment in areas of the University other than the Indigenous support units.