22. Probation

22.1 At the beginning of employment, an employee (excluding casuals), will serve a maximum probationary period as follows:

Employee Classification

Probationary Period

Professional employees


  USQ Levels 1 - 5

3 months

  USQ Levels 6 - 10

6 months

Foundation/Uniprep/English Language teaching employees

12 months

Academic employees

up to 3 years

22.2 The probationary period may be shortened or waived having regard to the employee’s prior service, qualifications, experience and performance in their previous employment. Where the probationary period is either varied or waived, this will be stated in the employee’s letter of appointment.

22.3 If during the probationary period an employee is granted any continuous periods of leave of one (1) month or more (including periods of leave for maternity or illness/injury purposes), the maximum probationary period will be the period nominated above plus an additional period which equates to the period of leave taken.

22.4 For fixed term appointments of one (1) year or less in any classification, a maximum probationary period of three (3) months will apply. All other fixed term appointments extending beyond one (1) year will be subject to a probationary period of normally one third of the fixed term appointment.  Any second or subsequent fixed-term appointment in the same classification and/or in the same functional area will not contain a probationary period.

22.5 Where the University has determined that the employee has satisfactorily completed their probation, their employment will continue and the employee will be given confirmation in writing.