Job evaluation

Human Resources policy and procedure Job Evaluation (Classification and Reclassification) seeks to ensure classifications of professional employee positions reflect comparable job worth and market value by utilising formal evaluation methods to determine appropriate position classification levels.

Classification and reclassification

The policy contains details in relation to the processes for both classification and reclassification of general employee positions.  Classification is a process for determining the level of newly created positions, whilst reclassification is a process for reviewing the classification level of existing positions following changes to the responsibilities of the role.  Both processes utilise the Mercer Cullen Egan Dell job evaluation methodology.

Linked classification program

As an agreed outcome of enterprise bargaining negotiations in 2005 and following a successful 18 month trial, the University has introduced a linked classification program for professional employees.  Human Resources policy and procedure Linked Classification Program for Professional Employees has been developed, along with a range of additional guidelines and forms.