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Equity and diversity strategies and programs


At USQ we seek to ensure that all staff are able to contribute to their full potential - informed equity and diversity strategy is vital in achieving this goal.  The 2014 - 2017 Employment Equity and Diversity Strategy (PDF* 549kb) is a key document that outlines the University's approach to enhance inclusion and opportunity and address and redress barriers to employment.

Equity and Diversity Support Programs

USQ has developed a range of equity and diversity initiatives and programs which assist in supporting our target equity and diversity groups, including but not limited to the following.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment

USQ is fully committed to increasing the educational, employment, training and career development opportunities for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people employed at the University. 

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Career Development and Employment Strategy seeks to attract, recruit and retain Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to both academic and professional positions across all facets of the University through a range of initiatives. 

Gender equality for women

USQ is focused on promoting and improving gender equality and outcomes for women in the workplace.  USQ annually reports to the Workplace Gender Equality Agency on its outcomes against a range of gender equality indicators, and its initiatives aimed at developing, supporting and improving the representation of, women at USQ.

In addition, the University also offers the Aspire: Inspiring Women's Advancement at USQ leadership development program specifically for women. 

The USQ Women's Network also strives to provide and encourage leadership, development and advancement of women in our local communities. 

Employees with a disability

The University of Southern Queensland strongly supports the continued inclusion of employees with a disability in all aspects of the University community and provides a range of information to assist employees and supervisors. 

Employees with parenting, family or caring responsibilities

At USQ we are committed to supporting employees accessing leave provisions and flexible working arrangements for both birth parents and their partners, along with providing support to adoptive and foster parents.

Employees considering transitioning to retirement

Every employee's journey to retirement is personal and unique. USQ provides information and resources to help you make the most of your transition to retirement.

Other diversity groups 

Support for other groups is also available including the Ally Network and the initiatives through USQ's commitment to multiculturalism

Other programs and initiatives

A number of other equity and diversity programs and initiatives are available and include the following:

Equity and Diversity e-induction modules

Upon commencement, and then annually thereafter, all employees are required to complete USQ's e-learning Equity and Diversity module.

Equity and Diversity Achievement Awards

Each year, the University calls for nominations for the Equity and Diversity Achievement Awards which recognise achievements that have benefited diversity groups at the USQ.

Domestic and Family Violence Support

The University acknowledges that employees may face situations in your personal life in which you are subject to domestic or family violence and that this may impact considerably on your attendance at work and ability to undertake and perform work activities.  USQ is committed to supporting employees experiencing domestic or family violence to continue to participate in the workplace and maintain their employment by providing a wide range of support mechanisms.