Staff Equity and Diversity Office

The Staff Equity and Diversity function within Human Resources supports equal opportunity in employment and assists the University to provide a safe workplace that is free from harassment and discrimination, and one that values a diverse culture.


  1. To ensure that USQ complies with the requirements of relevant affirmative action and anti-discrimination legislation and government policies.
  2. To ensure that the skills and abilities of employees are measured equitably.
  3. To ensure that judgements pertaining to employees and students are based on merit, rather than on stereotypes or discriminatory values, thus encouraging an organisational climate that will attract and retain employees and students of the highest calibre and maximise their contribution to the University.
  4. To ensure that all complaints in the area of equity and diversity are dealt with by the Section promptly, efficiently and on a confidential basis.
  5. To enhance the accountability of its activities and USQ performance in the area of equity and diversity by full and timely reporting to internal and external bodies.