Women and Leadership Mentor Program

Aspire : Women and Leadership Mentor Program

Participation in the program is open to all female academic and professional employees irrespective of classification levels, with the aim of assisting them in overcoming barriers to career progression and improving their job satisfaction.  Male mentors are also actively being sought to be involved in the scheme.

What will the program involve?

The purpose of the program is to assist mentees to achieve a specific objective, acquire a particular set of skills, or gain experiences that will further their career advancement. Mentees are therefore encouraged to identify a project or goals that they wish to achieve during the period of the mentor relationship. The mentor relationship is flexible and can be altered to suit the needs and expectations of the mentee and mentor. 

The program will run over a six month period. Mentees and Mentors are matched based on the information supplied in the application document. Informal meetings are held between the mentee and mentor, with a formal ‘introductory’ and a ‘check-in’ session organised through the Organisational Development Department.

How do I participate?

This program is run through the HR Professional Staff Development Program.

If you would like to find out more information, or discuss your participation, please do not hesitate to contact Rachael Millett or Sue Yonge-Mitchell in Organisational Development via email.