Parental support group

Balancing work and parental care

The Parental Support Group was originally set up in response to a request from an employee who had returned from maternity leave and was finding balancing work and parental care a little challenging.  She wanted to get in touch with others who were in a similar situation and/or who had worked through the experience.  Some members have older children at school, others have very young children or babies, and some are sole parents.  Basically, the Group welcomes mothers or fathers who have responsibility for children of any age.


Meetings are very informal, arranged by the members, and interested employees are asked to contact the Staff Equity and Diversity Office.

Benefits for you and for us

Meetings can have additional benefits in so far as they provide the Staff Equity and Diversity Office with information as to how the University can improve the working environment for staff balancing work and life issues.  This allows for inclusion of relevant issues in the University's Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace and Education Program.  Both the Adjunct Child Care Program at the Berghofer Centre, and the Breastfeeding Policy, arose from ideas generated by the Parental Support Group.

More information

Groups are usually formed by interested employees and are very informal. If you would like to participate in any group meetings, or would like to be included on any current Parental Support Group email list, please contact the Staff Equity and Diversity Office.