12. Training

12.1  General Guidelines

Training ensures that University employees have the appropriate competencies to use a hazardous substance without risk to health and safety.

Category 4 Delegates are responsible for the induction of all new employees to the workplace.  New employees must, as part of their induction, be informed of the University procedures for managing hazardous substances. 

Employees should be trained in the safe use of plant and any training they receive should be recorded.

Employees and students working with a hazardous substance must be made aware of all documentation relating to the hazardous substance.

The Category 4 Delegate must ensure that appropriate training in managing hazardous substance emergencies and spills is provided to employees and students working with such substances.

12.2  Training Records

Details of any induction and training provided, along with participant names, must be gathered in each cost centre and should be held by the cost centre.  Records of training must be held by the cost centre for a period of five years from the date of the last entry in them.

For more guidelines on workplace health and safety training, refer to USQ Policy - WHS Training.

12.3  USQSafe contact

Manager (USQSafe)

12.4  Status

Published October 1998
Reviewed October 2009
Reviewed November 2012

12.5  References

Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (Qld)
Work Health and Safety Regulations 2011 Hazardous Chemicals (Qld)
Hazardous Chemicals Code of Practice 2003
USQSafe Workplace Health and Safety Procedures Manual, Section T1 - Training

12.6  Attachments

Attachment 1 - Induction Checklists (PDF 14KB)

Attachment 2 - Training Form (PDF 7KB)