8. Waste Disposal

8.1  Legal Requirements

Disposal of waste by the University must be arranged in accordance with the Queensland Environmental Protection Act 1994 (Qld) and in a way which minimises hazards posed by the waste. 

Disposal must comply with the requirements of the Toowoomba Regional Council Trade Waste Permits, a copy of which is available at Facilities Management.

8.2  Waste Minimisation

To control hazardous waste the University requires an appropriate management system to ensure waste minimisation.  The University has identified the following priorities as part of its program for hazardous waste minimisation:

1. off-site treatment or conversion of wastes
2. on-site treatment or conversion of wastes
3. recovery and reuse of materials for recycling
4. reduction or minimisation of waste
5. elimination or avoidance of waste

The control of waste within the University incorporates the following elements:

  • reducing the volume
  • anticipating waste generation through planning
  • purchasing smaller amounts
  • using lesser amounts in normal work activities and or finding a less hazardous substitute
  • tracking of substances that may degrade or become dangerous over time (eg: ethers, in which peroxide can form)
  • labelling of all substances
  • separation of waste material into various categories:
     -   recyclables
     -   material that can be disposed of through sewerage or local refuse tip
     -   material for chemical treatment or collection by an approved chemical/hazard waste disposal company.
  • reprocessing of waste materials for return to stock
  • recycling

8.3  Disposal Procedures

Safe disposal information for hazardous and non-hazardous substances should be given on Safety Data Sheets (SDSs).  Refer to Section 2 - Safety Data Sheets for more information on the content of SDSs.

Category 4 Delegates must ensure that the procedures set out in the checklist are followed.

Checklist for Disposal of Hazardous Substances

  • Identify materials for disposal
    - Refer to the SDS for advice on disposal of the product.
    - Follow labelling requirements as outlined in Section 5 - Labelling.
  • Arrange disposal
    - Seek advice from USQSafe.
    - Toowoomba Regional Council or Waste Management Branch of the Qld Department of Environment and Heritage provide advice also.
  • Advice should be obtained on disposal containers and methods, which might vary for small and large scale disposals.
  • Remove materials from Register/Inventory of Hazardous Substances
  • Retain a copy of the SDS for the product disposed of
  • Keep a record of what was disposed of: how, when, where, why and date
  • Change placarding where appropriate

8.4  USQSafe Contact

Manager (USQSafe)

8.5  Status

Published October 1998
Reviewed October 2009
Reviewed January 2013

8.6 References

Toowoomba Regional Council Trade Waste Agreement
Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (Qld)
Work Health and Safety Regulations 2011 Hazardous Chemicals (Qld)
Hazardous Chemicals Code of Practice 2003