Rehabilitation Coordinator

What do I do if I am notified that an employee is injured or ill?

The Rehabilitation Coordinator has a critical role in ensuring the success of any workplace rehabilitation program and plays a significant role during all stages of the workplace rehabilitation process. 

When notified of an injury or illness at work, the Rehabilitation Coordinator will be responsible for the following procedures:

  1. Contacting the injured or ill employee as soon as practicable after being notified of the initial incident.  This is to:
    • Advise the employee of their entitlements to Workers Compensation.
    • Provide the employee with the required forms and if necessary, assist with completing the forms.
  2. Assist the employer in reporting the injury and processing all appropriate documentation in a timely fashion.
  3. Organising early intervention and workplace rehabilitation.
  4. Obtaining the injured employee's authorisation to contact their Doctor to receive advice on the Rehabilitation and Suitable Duties Plans.
  5. Coordinating the development of the injured employee's Rehabilitation and Suitable Duties Plans in conjunction with the injured employee, supervisor, employee's Doctor, WorkCover and, where an employee chooses, their nominated representative.  The plans will be signed by all participants.
  6. Monitoring the Rehabilitation and Suitable Duties Plans including the employee's progress.
  7. Ensuring that the USQSafe workplace procedures are followed including the generation and collation of appropriate documentation within the Rehabilitation files that must be kept for each injured employee.
  8. Ensuring confidentiality of information regarding the injured or ill employee.
  9. Ensure that injured employees have appropriate opportunities to give feedback on the rehabilitation process and procedures.
  10. Ensure that accurate statistics are collated and reviewed.
  11. Implement and promote appropriate education programs to ensure all employees and supervisory staff are kept informed about the University's WorkCover and Rehabilitation Policy and procedures.
  12. Ensure that all new staff are informed about the workers compensation and rehabilitation policy and procedures at induction.


Reviewed April 2012