What do I do if I am injured or ill?

Firstly it is important to be aware of your rights as an injured or ill employee

You have the right to:

  • Worker's compensation for accepted work related injuries or illnesses
  • Choose your own Doctor
  • Be consulted in the development of a rehabilitation plan with suitable duties
  • Authorise the USQ Rehabilitation Coordinator to contact your Doctor for advice on the Rehabilitation Plan and Suitable Duties Plan
  • Ask for a review of any decision with which you do not agree with
  • Be assisted by a nominated representative, where you choose.  A nominated representative means, in relation to an employee, a person selected to assist or represent an employee
  • Access to impartial grievance procedures
  • Secure and confidential treatment of all information

What procedures do I follow if I am injured or ill?

If you are injured or ill you must follow these procedures:

  1. Report all work-related illnesses or injuries immediately or as soon as possible to your immediate supervisor, and if possible, to the USQ Rehabilitation Coordinator.
  2. Complete an online incident and hazard report through the UniHIRTS University Hazard and Incident Reporting and Tracking System.  You will require your USQ username and password to use this system. For more information refer to USQ Policy Incident or Injury Reporting or obtain a hard copy from your supervisor or the USQ Rehabilitation Coordinator.
  3. If your illness or injury requires medical treatment, this can be sought from a treating medical practitioner of your own choice. 
  4. When you are seeing your doctor you must:
    • Advise your Doctor that the injury or illness has occurred at work.
    • Detail the duties of your job to your Doctor.
    • Request a QCOMP medical certificate at every visit to your Doctor.
    • Advise your Doctor that the University has Workplace Rehabilitation procedures.
    • Ask your Doctor to complete the Work Capabilities Checklist, if appropriate.
  5. Complete the following forms to be submitted to Workcover for a claim to be considered.  There are time frames attached to the completion of these forms:
    • Workcover Queensland "Application for Compensation" form (USQSafe requests that this form be completed within 20 days of the injury).  Please note that if an application is lodged more than 20 days after the entitlement for compensation arises, Workcover Queensland's liability will commence on the day the application is lodged or up to a period of 20 business days prior to the claim lodgement.
    • Employment Declaration Form (completed if time off work is granted by the treating medical practitioner).
    • All relevant accounts for medical expenses incurred. 
    • Leave application form if required.
  6. Actively participate in the development of your Rehabilitation Plan with your Doctor, supervisor and the Rehabilitation Coordinator.  These plans must be signed by all participants.
  7. Ensure that all restrictions and/or special instructions are adhered to as agreed in the Rehabilitation Plan or the Medical Certificate (Doctor's Certificate).
  8. Notify your supervisor and the USQ Rehabilitation Coordinator immediately if any difficulties arise during the rehabilitation period.

What happens if I do not follow these procedures?

If you fail to follow medical treatment or take part in workplace rehabilitation, as recommended by your Doctor, Workcover Queensland may suspend any compensation benefits.

What if I am unclear about what I have to do?

If you are unclear or confused about what you have to do, please contact the USQ Rehabilitation Coordinator who will be happy to provide you with any assistance you may need.