Workcover information

This Workcover information should be read in conjunction with the rehabilitation procedures which contain specific details of the responsibilities of employees, supervisors/managers and the Rehabilitation Coordinator in relation to work related injuries.


USQ employees may claim compensation if they are injured within the Workcover definition of "a work related injury" where employment was a "significant contributing factor".

Compensation may be claimed when an employee is injured in the following circumstances:

  • During the course of employment
  • While on a work break (eg lunch break)
  • While the employee is away from the place of employment in the course of employment
  • On a journey between the employee's home and place of employment.

Workcover will assess all claims and the decision will be based on the available evidence.  Workcover will not compensate an injury that is intentionally self-inflicted or arises from "serious and wilful misconduct".


University employees are entitled to all of the benefits and are also bound by all of the regulations imposed by the Workers Compensation and Rehabilitation Act 2003.  These entitlements include (but are not limited to):

  • Medical (including Physiotherapy, allied health costs etc)
  • Weekly payments
  • Hospitalisation (treatment at a private hospital is compensable if it is for less than 4 days, or there is a prior arrangement with Workcover)

If the treating Doctor recommends time off to recover from a work related injury then Workcover will compensate for loss of normal weekly earnings.

If a Workcover claim is lodged more than 20 days after the initial Doctor's visit, Workcover will only pay compensation from a period of 20 days prior to the day of lodgement unless there is a valid reason for the delay.

It is important that you or your Doctor contact Workcover before there is any specialist treatment prior to your application being assessed.

Claim procedures

The injured employee must:

  • Seek appropriate medical treatment.
  • Report the injury to their Supervisor and USQSafe as soon as possible.
  • Obtain a QCOMP Medical Certificate from their treating Doctor.
  • Complete a Workcover Application for Compensation Form (This form is available from USQSafe and must be completed and signed by the injured worker and sent back to USQSafe as soon as possible after the incident occurring.)
  • Complete an online incident and hazard report through the UniHIRTS University Hazard and Incident Reporting and Tracking System.  (This must be completed by the injured worker and the appropriate Supervisor.)
  • Complete a USQ Leave Application Form (DOC 123kb) for any time off work granted by the Doctor.
  • Complete an ATO Employment Declaration Form if the claim involves time off work (form available from USQSafe).
  • Submit all original medical forms, referrals, receipts etc to the Rehabilitation Coordinator.
  • Lodge all documentation with the Rehabilitation Coordinator, USQSafe as soon as possible.

It is the employee's responsibility to complete his/her claim and to maintain up to date medical certificates if the claim is accepted. 

Employees may apply to use Sick, Recreation or Long Service Leave to maintain normal salary payments until Workcover make a decision on the claim.  This may be necessary in cases where assessing the claim is complex and lengthy (eg work related stress claim).  If Workcover accepts the claim then USQ will reimburse the leave taken.

Employee responsibilities

Under the Workcover Act an injured employee has certain responsibilities including:

  • Providing true, accurate information.
  • Informing Workcover if they are receiving any other benefits (eg Centrelink, Superannuation or CTP Payments etc).
  • Informing Workcover if they return to any kind of work while receiving benefits.
  • Under the Workcover Act an injured employee must participate in rehabilitation as soon as possible after the injury.  Workcover may suspend entitlements to any injured employee who refuses to participate in rehabilitation.
  • Giving Workcover written notice within 14 days of their return to work.  The notice stating fitness for work is normally a Medical Certificate signed by a Medical Practitioner.

Please note that a false claim or any false/misleading information may lead to suspension of a claim and possible prosecution under the Act.

If you require any further information on Workcover, please contact the Rehabilitation and Return to Work Coordinator in Human Resources.