Safety committees

University Safety Committee


The University of Southern Queensland has a University Safety Committee which meets five times a year.

The University Safety Committee is the central steering committee established by the Vice-Chancellor and reports to the Vice-Chancellor's Committee. It deals with policy and procedural matters affecting work area and personnel throughout the University. Issues which cannot be resolved locally may be referred to this committee for advice. Additionally this committee has an oversight role to ensure local issues that have wider implications are raised to the appropriate level.

The Committee operates in accordance with the approved Terms of Reference and discharges its functions by:

  • encouraging an active interest in workplace health and safety among University employees;
  • reviewing and endorsing policy, standards and procedures;
  • supporting the provision of information, education and training for employees, students, contractors and visitors to the University;
  • reviewing the circumstances surrounding incidents referred to the Committee and making recommendations;
  • responding to recommendations from faculty or department health and safety committees;
  • developing and maintaining the mechanisms for resolution of workplace health and safety issues; and
  • making recommendations to the Vice-Chancellor on matters concerning workplace health and safety at USQ.

There are currently ten elected Health and Safety Representatives (HSRs) on the Committee.  Their role is to negotiate with managers and employees of the university on any health and safety issue about which their advice is sought.  If you have any concerns about health and safety in your workplace you should talk the matter over with your supervisor to begin with and if necessary, then contact a HSR.

The Fraser Coast and Springfield Campuses also have their own elected HSRs.

Emergency Planning Committee


The functions of the Emergency Planning Committee are to:

  • facilitate discussion and the exchange of information on specific issues of concern to members;
  • review circumstances surrounding emergencies and make recommendations to the University Safety Committee; and
  • advise the University Safety Committee on implementation of emergency procedures.

The Committee's activities include:

  • planning evacuation drills and evaluating their effectiveness;
  • discussion of training issues; and
  • making recommendations to USQSafe and the University Safety Committee on general emergency issues.


The Emergency Planning Committee is a sub-committee of and reports to the University Safety Committee.


Manager, USQSafe (Chair)
Chief Wardens

Minutes from these meetings will be forwarded to the University Safety Committee for information.