Area wardens

Area or floor wardens are responsible for a particular area or floor within a specific building on campus.

Area/floor responsibilities

  • Ensure all emergency squad members within their assigned area of responsibility know the safety procedures;
  • Ensure that assigned area of responsibility is free of safety hazards; and
  • Report all safety matters to the Chief Warden.
  • Know where fire extinguishers, emergency break points and emergency exits are located within their assigned area of responsibility;
  • Telephone the switchboard, or arrange for someone else to call, in the event of an emergency.

Evacuation responsibilities

  • Clear the assigned area of responsibility of all occupants. Each room and corridor in the area is to be checked and evacuated;
  • Ensure that all the occupants leave the building;
  • Leave the building after all occupants have been evacuated and report to the assembly area, or remain at the assigned exit to prevent entry;
  • Maintain crowd control as required;
  • Report to Chief Warden after false alarm or drill evacuations; and
  • Wear a helmet, for safety and identification purposes, during evacuation procedures.