Chief Wardens

Roles and responsibilities

A Chief Warden is responsible for the management and direction of emergency procedures in a particular building(s) on campus. This includes:

  • development of evacuation plans in consultation with their Divisional Workplace Health and Safety Officer,
  • coordinating building evacuations, and
  • checking the availability of emergency equipment specific to the area. 

Each Chief Warden heads a team of wardens which is trained and equipped to assist in building evacuation and other emergency activities.

Chief Warden Incentive Payment

To acknowledge both the importance of the Chief Warden role and the effort required to fulfil the associated responsibilities, Chief Wardens who successfully complete their role are eligible for an annual Chief Warden Incentive Payment. The Chief Warden Incentive Payment Guidelines detail the application of incentive payments.

University Chief Wardens


 Chief Warden

A Cindy Giles
B Kerri-Anne Gunther
C and D Self-evacuating
F (CBRC) Glenn Roberts / Ryan Frelek
G Narelle Peach
H Self-evacuating
J Peter Ott
K Blocks 1-3
Greg Perry
L         TBA
O1 Samantha Metzroth
O2/3 Rodney Murphy
O4 Sheree Schott
P1-7 Oliver Kinder
P9 and 11 Julie Christensen
P10 and 12 Alice Melland
P13 Alla Marchuk
Q Eve McIntyre
Q1/2 Self-evacuating
R Jenny Young
Residential Colleges TBA
S Leah Baldwin
Jean Charlish
T Annexe 1
T Annexe 2
Christa Pudmenzky
U Morwenna Boddington
W Angela Teys
Y Belinda Gilbert
Z Graham Holmes
Z1/2 Martin Geach
Z4 Oliver Kinder
Fraser Coast Judy Hawkes
Springfield A
Sue Basu
Springfield B TBA
Springfield D
Springfield F
Springfield S
Raechel De Marchi / Jess Pohlmann
Ipswich A
Ipswich B
Ipswich C
Ipswich D
Ipswich E
Ipswich F
Ipswich G/G1 Travis John / Glenn Roberts
Ipswich H Drew Ashton / Catherine Hay
Ipswich I Katie Baker
Ipswich J TBA
Ipswich K1-3 TBA
Ipswich L TBA
Ipswich M TBA
Ipswich N TBA
Ipswich O TBA
Ipswich P TBA
Ipswich Q TBA
Ipswich R TBA
Ipswich S
Ipswich T TBA
Ipswich U TBA
Ipswich V1/2/3 TBA
Ipswich W TBA
Ipswich X TBA
Ipswich Y TBA