BUILD Manual

A full and complete printable version of the BUILD Manual (PDF* 127kb) is also available.

Introduction and Definitions
1. Objectives
1.1  The Mission
1.2  Values Statement
1.3  Vision Statement
1.4  Outcomes
1.5  BUILD Program Objectives
2. Context for BUILD
2.1  Process
2.2  Assumptions About Employees
2.3  Responsibilities
3. General Principles and Process
3.1  General Principles
3.2  Alignment with Strategic Planning
4. Supervisor Role
4.1  Assignment of Supervisor to Individual
5. Training
5.1  Supervisor Training
5.2  Employee Training
6. The BUILD Cycle
7. Description and Guidelines - Activities in the BUILD Program
7.1  Probationary Appointments
       7.1.1  Variations in Probationary Requirements
7.2  Goal Setting Plan (Form A)
       7.2.1  Preparing the Goal Setting Plan
7.3  Interim Review (Form B)
       7.3.1  Preparing the Interim Reivew
7.4  Performance Management and Development Review (Form C)
       7.4.1  Preparing for the Performance Management and Development Review
7.5  Performance Management and Development Review Meeting
       7.5.1  Preparing for the Performance Management and Development Review Meeting
       7.5.2  Signing Off
7.6  Annual Feedback on Supervisor Performance (Form D)
       7.6.1  Preparing for the Feedack on Supervisor Performance
7.7  Annual Review of Team Performance
       7.7.1  Preparing for the Annual Review of Team Performance
7.8  Guidelines
       7.8.1  Uses and Filing
       7.8.2  Scope
       7.8.3  Frequency
       7.8.4  Self-assessment
8. Attributes
8.1  Generic Attributes
8.2  Specific Attributes (General Employees)
8.3  Specific Attributes (Academic Employees)
9. Managing Performance
9.1  Managing Excellent Performance
9.2  Managing Competent Performance
9.3  Managing Unsatisfactory Performance
10. Remuneration
11. Administrative Responsibilities
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