11. Administrative Responsibilities

(a) The Vice-Chancellor has responsibility for ensuring that the policy is implemented and reviewed annually.

(b) This Policy and future adjustment to the policy shall come into effect when endorsed by the Council.

(c) Human Resources has the authority to initiate alterations to the "Administrative Procedures" section of this Policy document.

(d) The BUILD Program must be subjected to a process of continuous improvement.  If any participant sees an error or desired improvement in the BUILD program they should complete a BUILD Improvement Form.  This form is to be submitted to the BUILD Program Coordinator within Human Resources for processing.  Approval for system changes should follow standard procedure except for administrative typing error correction.  The BUILD Improvement Form should include the following:

  • Name of initiator, date and signature
  • Description of proposed improvement
  • Authorisation if accepted
  • Action taken
  • Actioning person, date and signature
  • Notification to initiator of outcome
  • Filing