8.1 Generic Attributes

The following attributes are suggested for inclusion in the reviews of all employees.  The descriptors provided are intended as a guide.  The lists which accompany the various attributes are not exhaustive and should not be used as a checklist in the review process.  Rather, it is intended that the descriptors will provide an aide-memoire for the employee and the supervisor when completing the evaluation.

Professional Commitment

Fostering the reputation of the department and the University; taking ownership; demonstrating a commitment to and pride in work; attendance, availability and punctuality; applying appropriate priorities; managing one's time effectively; setting and meeting deadlines.

Teamwork Skills

Working cooperatively with others; providing support; sharing information and credit; considering the views of and involving colleagues in decision making; avoiding conflict with colleagues and students; maintaining effective working relationships with colleagues; mentoring and providing leadership as appropriate.


Relevance, promptness and accuracy of information communicated; approachability and resourcefulness in working with senior colleagues and peers; good judgement in prioritising courses of action.

Service to Clients

Developing a highly effective service to clients through successful and timely completion of transactions.  Providing students, employees and clients with a positive perception of the work area by establishing and building effective and respectful collegial and client relationships. Employing win/win negotiating skills to avoid conflict in the workplace and striving to understand the issues, motives and objectives of others to enhance cooperative workplace interactions.  Voluntarily contributing to tasks that affect the performance of the whole area.

Technical Skills

Computer, trade or professional skills generic to the position type.

Supervisory Skills

Uses appropriate methods, skills and styles to move others towards task achievement, provides feedback on performance matters and offers opportunity for training and development.