8.3 Specific Attributes (Academic Employees)

It is generally accepted that the work of academic employees can be divided into three areas as described for the Activities Report.  It is intended that the attributes to be evaluated for academic staff are those specified for the Activities Report, eg

  • teaching and related scholarship;
  • research and original achievement; and
  • service to the University, community and profession.

Again, the descriptors provide an aide-memoire for the staff member and the supervisor when completing the Review and should not be used as a checklist per se.

Teaching and Related Scholarship

Formal contact; supervision; course and unit of study development; resource production and maintenance (including on-line material); assessment of students; review of teaching; professional development; scholarship and leadership in teaching; administration.

Research and Original Achievement

Published work (and approved for publication); work in progress; consultancy; contract research; grants; conference presentations; professional development in research; progress towards higher degrees.

Service to the University, Community and Profession

Contribution to committees within and outside the area; university-wide roles.  Involvement in professional organisations, organisation of conferences, editorial duties, consultancy activity, review, assessor, department advisor.