2.1 Process

In order to ensure the system delivers optimum outcomes for individuals, work units and the University, the following elements are embedded in the BUILD Program design, viz. the process is:

  • continuous, involving regular monitoring, coaching and feedback;
  • confidential, whereby the outcomes of the review process are protected by limiting access to the data as is consistent with the developmental focus of the BUILD Program and in line with Privacy Principles;
  • endorsed formally through the Learning and Development Review of performance;
  • strategic for both the individual and the faculty/section through clarification of roles, responsibilities, expectations and the alignment of goals;
  • accurate and fair, in the sense that the supervisor and designated appraiser in all cases must be the person who has the greatest familiarity with the appraisee's job and work performance;
  • evaluative and formative in a developmental context;
  • transparent in relation to expectations among employees regarding workplace matters such as workload, resources, support systems and so on so that all are better informed as to their roles within the University;
  • supportive of the development of individual autonomy, responsibility and accountability through reflective self-evaluation;
  • relevant to decisions in relation to probation, confirmation of appointment,  incremental progression, study leave, and to the initiation of procedures associated with unsatisfactory performance, and for academic employees only, promotion, teaching and research grants; and
  • consistent with the principles of equal opportunity.

The University recognises that an individual's performance cannot be evaluated adequately without consideration of the context in which the individual works.  It may be expected, therefore, that the work environment will include the clear and unambiguous articulation and communication of goals and policies and the specification of roles and responsibilities in a way that encourage synergies while not inhibiting creativity.