7. Description and Guidelines


This section describes in greater detail the various elements of the BUILD cycle as outlined in Section 6.  The BUILD System flowchart depicts the main elements of the program.  Initially it is based on the University Strategic Plan from which individual performance standards are distilled.  Next comes the annual operational elements of the BUILD program, including the Future Activities Plan, the Activities Report, and the Learning and Development Review. 

To assist those who review managers and supervisors, the BUILD Program includes provisions for appraisees to provide feedback about their own supervisor.  The Annual Feedback on Supervisor Performance form is designed to give the review process greater relevance and enable more accurate evaluations to be made.  The Review of Team Performance, developed to accommodate that working in teams is often a fact of work life yet little attention is given to testing their efficiencies, completes the suite of forms.

These above operations produce outcomes which include the recognition of good work performance, and inform processes parallel to but outside the parameters of the BUILD Program, such as the Management of Unsatisfactory Performance.  It should be noted that effectiveness depends on direct and indirect feedback of information at each phase in the program.  This feedback completes the loop and reflects and reinforces a continuous improvement philosophy.

This section is necessarily lengthy.  The intention is to communicate what the various BUILD-related activities are, how to go about each activity, and identify guidelines which serve to optimise the benefits for all.  The benefits for the employee and the University begin with the arrival into the workplace of the new employee, and the monitoring and guidance provided to assist in their development.


7.1 Probationary Appointments
7.1.1  Variations in Probationary Requirements
7.2 Future Activities Plan (Form A)
7.2.1  Preparing the Future Activities Plan
7.3 Activities Report (Form B)
7.3.1  Preparing the Activities Report
7.4 Learning and Development Review (Form C)
7.4.1  Preparing for the Learning and Development Review
7.5 Learning and Development Review Meeting
7.5.1  Preparing for the Learning and Development Review Meeting
7.5.2  Signing Off
7.6 Annual Feedback on Supervisor Performance (Form D)
7.6.1  Preparing for the Feedack on Supervisor Performance
7.7 Annual Review of Team Performance
7.7.1  Preparing for the Annual Review of Team Performance
7.8 Guidelines
7.8.1  Uses and Filing
7.8.2  Scope
7.8.3  Frequency
7.8.4  Self-assessment