7.2 Future Activities Plan (Form A)

The Future Activities Plan is the mutual agreement, between the individual employee and his/her supervisor, of the employee's activity and developmental objectives for the next nominated period for review.  In essence, it is a forward-looking exercise.  For continuing employees it is discussed during, and is included in the annual Learning and Development Review.  For new employees it is simply their initial job plan.  In effect, the filling-out of the Future Activities Plan is a goal-setting exercise. 

7.2.1 Preparing the Future Activities Plan

  • Activity goals are descriptions of the key roles and responsibilities that the employee will undertake in order to achieve the goals of the position and the organisation. Planning these goals involves the employee and the supervisor discussing what is to be done, how it may be done successfully, how achievement may be demonstrated and what the timeline for each goal should be.
  • Development goals are professional and personal activities, which the employee may undertake in order to develop professional competency and enhance career effectiveness.  Employees are responsible for identifying and reflecting upon these individual career development needs.  This process is important because it contributes to overall work satisfaction and performance.  This would ordinarily involve some level of self-assessment by the employee. 
  • An outcome of the goal-setting may be that the employee is interested in undertaking formal training or attending a conference relevant to the present position or career goals.  Policies on study assistance and conference attendance are outlined in the Human Resources policies and procedures.
  • Where it is identified that there are areas for improvement, the employee and supervisor should discuss and agree on developmental goals and an associated plan of activities for the following review period.  These goals and the plan of activities will be supported by the supervisor and reviewed (via the completion of an Activities Report) during the course of the nominated period at the initiative of either party.  Where agreement is not forthcoming, the supervisor's supervisor must assume responsibility for this task.
  • Where the supervisor and employee agree that a developmental goal has not been met, then consideration should be provided to continue progress towards achieving the goal into the following period of review.  Alternatively, the goal may be revised if changing circumstances have prevented the achievement of the agreed performance goal.
  • The Position Description or Duty Statement may be effective as a guide for developing the Future Activities Plan.
  • The Future Activities Plan is to be signed off by the employee and supervisor.