7.4 Learning and Development Review (Form C)

The Learning and Development Review form is completed by the employee and the supervisor and focuses on the activities of the employee during the nominated period.  The Review uses information provided in the Activities Report(s) where appropriate.  To ensure that the review of any employee is reliable and fair, various generic and specific criteria, or attributes, are used. It is expected that in preparation for the review meeting the employee will have completed at least one Activities Report. 

With respect to the purposes of the Learning and Development Review:

(a) the review process may be used by supervisors in giving advice to the employees on professional development;

(b) for academic employees only, the review statements may be used when seeking promotion;

(c) the review statements may be used by the Category Delegate in formal advice relating to the performance and career development of an employee;

(d) there is an expectation that unsatisfactory performance will be formally recorded and addressed through problem identification and the development of strategies to address skill or knowledge deficiencies.  On occasions when such strategies fail, a collateral but separate system assumes responsibility for the management of such unsatisfactory performance (please see Human Resources policy and procedure Managing Unsatisfactory Performance); and

(e)  the aggregated results may have a use outside the BUILD program from time to time.  For example, the University may need the data to plot trends.  In all instances, the anonymity of individual employees is assured.

7.4.1 Preparing for the Learning and Development Review

  • The attributes to be evaluated in the Learning and Development Review will comprise generic attributes and those specific to the position.  These attributes are described in Section 8.
  • The appraisee fills in the Learning and Development Review form prior to the meeting with the supervisor.
  • Expected levels of performance must be consistent with the duties in the position description and the USQ position classification standards (USQ Levels A-E for academic employees, and the appropriate USQ level for general employees).