7.6 Annual Feedback on Supervisor Performance (Form D)

Part of the BUILD cycle is the review of supervisor's performance by the individual employee during the nominated review period.  As is consistent with the learning and developing thrust of the BUILD Program, system designers recognise and accept that supervisors need to have some conduit by which objective feedback about their supervisory role can be fed into the program.

7.6.1 Preparing the Feedback on Supervisor Performance Form

  • This feedback, which is gathered in the Annual Feedback on Supervisor Performance form, is sent directly to the supervisor's supervisor and prior to the supervisor's annual Learning and Development Review. 
  • The responses from employees should comprise part of the supervisor's performance review by their own supervisor therefore the collection of feedback must be carried out in such a way that sufficient time and opportunity is given to employees prior to the supervisor's actual review. For these reasons, the supervisor's supervisor is responsible for ensuring employees are given the opportunity to provide feedback.
  • The supervisor is reviewed only by employees who report directly to him/her.  Feedback from appraisees will be gathered on a single date at the request of the supervisor's supervisor (regardless of individual appraisee cycles) firstly to ensure that the feedback can be collated, which protects the anonymity of the source, and secondly, that it has recency and therefore relevance.  It is expected that the supervisor's supervisor will treat the feedback with sensitivity and respect for the views contained therein.  In all cases, the supervisor has access to the aggregated data only.
  • Responsibility for prompting employees that the feedback is due must reside with the supervisor's supervisor.