3.1 General Principles

The BUILD Program embodies the following principles:

(a)  to be meaningful, effective and efficient, adding value for individuals and the University.  The effort and time commitment devoted to this activity should be monitored and managed by both the individual employee and their supervisor;

(b)  to establish a rewarding work environment in which employees are committed to achieving the University's desired outcomes;

(c)  to promote responsibility and commitment by ensuring that employees:

  • have a clear understanding of the strategic educational and business directions of the University as they relate to University outcomes;
  • a clear understanding of their roles in contributing to such outcomes;
  • a clear understanding with regard to expectations of their performance in doing so;

(d)  to promote learning and development by which the University provides opportunities for employees to engage in continuous learning;

(e)  to promote transparency and the clear and unambiguous transmission of strategies, policies and on-going dialogue and feedback, both upwards and downwards. These information flows should ensure effective, relevant and timely communication both from and to USQ senior management;

(f)  to be fully linked to the Strategic Plan of each Faculty or Section and the relevant subsection, and through these to the USQ strategic Plan, Mission, Vision and Values; and

(g)  to embrace the principles of equity, natural justice and impartiality.