9.3 Managing Unsatisfactory Performance

If a supervisor considers that informal counselling and the setting of developmental goals is not achieving the desired improvement in performance, the supervisor may initiate action under the University's Policies on Managing Unsatisfactory Performance.  Such opinion must be supported by appropriate documentation regarding prior actions taken to improve the individual's performance.  Processes associated with unsatisfactory performance require the relevant supervisor or senior officer to formally prescribe performance targets and to counsel the employee on the improvements required, the time within which those improvements are expected, and which performance targets must be met.  The supervisor may also direct the employee to undertake a course of professional development designed to improve performance.

Where an employee is aggrieved, it is expected that the employee should adopt the grievance resolution procedures as outlined in the USQ Enterprise Agreement 2010-2013

BUILD Program procedures and those associated with unsatisfactory performance are loosely linked, but the latter should not prejudice the constructive, developmental intent of the former.